Sunday, March 19, 2017

Dear God, as I tend my relationship with you, I have a more frequent understanding of how to respond to events in the world. This opens the door to hasty and ill-considered action, as I pridefully believe I somehow have a direct line to your will.

The more certain I feel, the more I ought to pause to discern your voice and guidance. The action that was correct yesterday may not be so today.

Lord, let me be willing to seek humility. Let me not be filled with pride and ego. It is such a small step from having a conscious contact with you, to becoming a zealot or crusader.

God, grant me uncertainty. Let me see it, when it comes, as a gift. Uncertainty causes me to pause, and in that space let me be willing to hear your quiet leading.

Without your guidance, I so easily fall into error and selfish behavior. Let me remain small and powerless, taking your hand like a child.