Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Dear God: Contrary action. I used to live a life of selfish indulgence. All was in disarray. I try, now, to have orderly habits. I so easily begin to see rising early and being industrious as things that bespeak my virtue.

But no. These are simply defenses, meant to allow space in my life for me to seek you. I have learned that if I act contrary to my inclinations, then life seems to go better and I have more peace. This is a simple lesson, one more practical than spiritual.

Lord, I have seen you bestow your gifts on the worthy just as much as the unworthy. So often, I am more the latter. Let me please have a deep understanding of how irrelevant virtue is to whether I will receive your smile or not.

You have granted me small glimpses of your presence; these gifts come for reasons I cannot fathom. Lord, let me not see myself as having any special virtue. Let me please express my love for you through labor and action. Let work on behalf of others be my prayer.

God, I have emptied my heart to make ready for you. Fill me with your love, and let me pour this over all the earth. Let me do your will today.

(Letter #825)