Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Dear God, you watch over me all the day, every day, even when I am not aware of it. I feel your spirit during my time alone with you, why do I not trust you are with me other times? Caught up in the anxiety of the moment, I behave as if all depended on me. Lord, let me bring the faith I feel right now into all encounters throughout the day.

Let me have gratitude! I have not yet in my life come upon a situation that was beyond me. You have provided all I need in all cases. Let me have a thankful heart for this. The simple gifts you have bestowed on me – none of them deserved – are always sufficient to the tasks I face.

As often as not, the most powerful resource is my willingness to try to do your will. Let me see this as a gift and let me rejoice in it.

Today, let me exert myself in seeking your will. Let willingness to do so be my moment-to-moment prayer. Thy will be done, O Lord

(Letter #826)