Thursday, April 6, 2017

Dear God, I awaken presented with a number of tasks and obligations in the day. It all feels beyond me. Experience tells me this is a function of my energy level and attitude, and not a reflection of reality. If I simply wait, my response to my obligations will shift from negative panic to eager mastery. And back again.

Indeed, my feelings have little actual connection with what is happening around me. There is no explaining why one day I am on top of the world, and another day underneath it. Serenity – true serenity – lies in my realization that the events of the world are irrelevant to my attitude.

Thankfulness is available to me at any time, completely in my grasp. If I focus on all these undeserved gifts in my life, my energy increases and my emotions improve.

At a minimum, I can be grateful for this relationship with you.

Lord, make me thankful today. Let gratitude open my eyes to how illusory my troubles really are. They are not even troubles! They are just clouds in the sky that come and go, leaving shadows.

(Letter #827)