Sunday, April 9, 2017

Dear God, many things are out of my control and I am best served by ignoring them. The conditions around me, the outcomes of things, the actions of others – not in my control.

But I have some measure of choice over my actions and my attitude. Today, let me seek to act rightly, and let me do so with an attitude of love. Let me have the wherewithal to deliberately choose the proper attitude.

The path I walk is filled with forks and junctions. I can choose, at any of these, to walk selfishly, to walk away from you. Lord, let me have an awareness of all the times I am asked to choose. Let me walk toward you with purpose. Let me deliberately and consciously seek joy, and avoid worry and despair.

Perhaps it does not feel so, but my attitude is completely in my power to change, simply by virtue of where I focus my awareness. Let me focus on those things for which I properly have gratitude – your gifts to me.

Dear Lord, thank you for carrying me all the times I have been weak. Thank you for the love of my fellows. Thank you for supporting me materially. Thank you for this body. Thank you for these hands to do your work.

Let me enthusiastically do your will today.

(Letter #830)