Thursday, April 13, 2017

Dear God, I do not normally kneel to pray, but I felt moved this morning to do so. I felt I had just been mouthing the words and pretending at devotion – and that kneeling would jar me into a deeper connection.

Lord, let me find you. I feel apart.

Even in such days of wilderness, I know that steadfastness can be a form of devotion. Consistent effort, regardless of my emotions. Let me persist in seeking and doing your will for me, even when my heart is dull.

Indeed, it is on days of spiritual dullness that I have the greatest opportunity to work on your behalf. It is easy to be a source of love when I feel joyful. But when my inner life is not so enthusiastic, and I still labor to spread love, then that is a spiritual feat.

Lord, let me take concrete actions today to spread love and engender your will for others. This is truly freedom from the bondage of self: overcoming the small, mean vicissitudes of daily living and devoting my actions to others.

Let me do your will for others. Let this discipline improve my character. Let me grow to be the person you have formed me to be. Thy will be done.

(Letter #834)