Saturday, April 15, 2017

Dear God, I feel awake and adequate to the tasks of the day. What a gift, that you deliver to me this feeling of sufficiency! Let me have true gratitude for this grace — an undeserved beneficence.

Let me not think myself the author of my good fortune. I am like a child struggling to lift a heavy object. When it rises, I believe it is due to my effort, but I do not see that my parent has in fact raised it for me. My exertions are laughable, yet I regard them so seriously.

Let me, Lord, walk lightly today. You undergird every event and support me even when your hand is unseen.

Today, let me see my task as improving conditions for those around me. Let me bring love into every interaction, the large and the small. Let me delight in every such exchange.

Lord, grant me a thankful heart. Let me see the abundance all around me. Let me share this with my fellows.

Thy will be done, today and always.

Thank you.

(Letter #836)