Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Dear God, the fear and worry I experience is often out of all proportion to its apparent cause. I may face calamity with equanimity, yet at the same time, anticipating some trivial interaction paralyzes me.

I can only conclude from this that the majority of my fears are false. They are self-generated and based on illusion.

Lord, if this is so, let me act accordingly. Let me dismiss my worries as I would dismiss any other trivial matter: with a wave of my hand.

You set me the task of delivering your love to this world. I therefore have, even in the most complicated situations, my clear and simple orders: deliver love.

Today, Lord, how can I best deliver love? Let this task sustained me. The love in me cannot be depleted and indeed grows the more I transmit.

Let love shine from me as light from a lamp. Let me shine on my fellows today.

(Letter #839)