Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Dear God, I face trials. I muster my strength. I marshal my forces and prepare. I build myself up emotionally, inwardly, so that I have the energy to overcome. And I pray for power, for your power, to face these things.

Lord, all these things are futile. I am praying wrongly, seeing the world wrongly. I cannot know your plans for me. I only know what is before me.

Rather than strength to battle the world, O Lord, grant me willingness to do your will. Let me do your will, regardless of consequence to self. Let me be willing to listen, listen, listen – and hear what you are saying to me.

Maybe you intend for me to accept aid from others and learn humility. Maybe you intend for me to experience anxiety so that I can better understand others’ worries. Maybe you intend for me to fail and learn gracefulness. Maybe you intend for me to succeed and tell a story of overcoming.

Lord, let me seek and do your will today. Let me not be so self-sufficient.

(Letter #853)