Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Dear God, in the quiet, dark of morning, I am at my best and at my worst all at once. Filled with fear for the day, my imprisonment in self is on display. At the same time, with the space and time afforded by solitude, I easily intend to wish the best for those around me. As the day wears on, the fears lessen but so, too, does my willingness to abandon self. I react.

Lord, let me take this willingness to seek you with me throughout the day. Let me be as deliberate at noon as I am at dawn.

When there are choices to be made, let me first consider how others might be helped. Let me place my selfish welfare and comfort last, dead last.

Lord, you pour sunshine down on all of us. Let me bring others into the light and let them feel your warmth – doing this diminishes nothing. We will not run out of sunshine!

Let me look under rocks and in caves for my fellows, and take their hands, and gently guide their steps out into the light. Your light. Warm and heal us, O Lord.

Let me do your will today. Only your will.

(Letter #854)