Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Dear God, it is morning. Day breaks. I fear what it may bring, and what tomorrow, and tomorrow’s tomorrow, may bring. When I am in such a state, I survey the future near and far, seeking all the potentials for terror that I can.

What futility – living in the future, afraid, when today is all around me.

Lord, in this moment you have provided all I need. A body. A roof. Family and friends. Resources. The difference between the future I fear, and my present safety, is stark.

Grant me a better attitude. Grant me this present moment. Let me place my attention here and now, that I may do your will here and now, rather than squander the very life you grace me with. Let me see these worries as the foolish termites they are.

Today. This day. This moment. This is where I live. Let me be present.

(Letter #868)