Friday, May 19, 2017

Dear God, such storms I have encountered. I feel as if I have been buffeted for days and, this morning, I have a chance at calm. I may have some breathing room today.

Lord, it is vexing that my inner state is so controlled by circumstances.

You would have me do your will under all conditions, not just when it is easy. If this is truly my aim, to seek and do your will, then I will have equanimity. Can I feel that, even amidst turmoil? A day of respite can provide a reminder of how I might more productively comport myself on other days.

Lord, let me feel your calm. You rescued me before and you will continue to do so. Let me rely on you this day and all days. Let me feel your steadfast power as the ground beneath my feet, permanent and unmovable.

Let me be grateful for the solid rock upon which you allow me to stand.

(Letter #870)