Saturday, June 10, 2017

Dear God, each day a new chance. To be a better person. To overcome selfish behavior. To think of others. To bring love.

Lord, let me use this day, this one day, responsibly. Let me not squander it through selfish actions and thoughts. Let me spend it drawing closer to you.

Lord, teach me to be whom you would have me be. My default is to exert my energies satisfying my own desires, if indeed I exert any energy at all. I struggle with sloth, selfishness, pride. Lord, let me chip away at these things in small ways, as a means of demonstrating to you and to myself that I am growing willing that they might be removed.

Let me find and do just one good thing today. Let me start there. Let this grow in my life – let my willingness increase through repeated, simple action.

Lord, let your will be done today.

(Letter #892)