Saturday, August 5, 2017

Dear God, I doubt. As I contemplate the day, the events and interactions it may bring, I worry about what may transpire, about my ability to handle what will come. Doubts, like termites, chew through my mind, undermining the faith and trust that I recall as a dim memory.

Grant me faith, my Lord! I view myself as the lone actor in a dark drama, responsible for every beat the plot. Lord, let me see this self-regard for what it is: manifestations of my Gargantuan pride and ego

Let me instead view myself as a bit player in a great pageant orchestrated and directed by you. My role is to perform as dictated. In areas where no instructions are given, I am to wait. You will guide me.

God, grant me willingness to accept your love. Grant me faith that I need not call to you, that you are already here.

If I am your child, then so, too, are those around me. You will move all of us. My role is not to save the day, but to simply carry my small load.

God, let me seek your will for me. Let me be a source of support for my fellow children. Let me be a being of light today. Fill me with a positive energy. Let me share your love.

(Letter #947)