Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Dear God, the day is unwritten. I am free to hold any opinion that I wish about how it might unfold. My attitude, in this still, early hour, is entirely a matter of choice. I can tell any story to myself about this day. Am I to be a hero? A victim? A bystander? Whatever story I choose will circumscribe my attitude.

If the story I tell myself is arbitrary now, when it is in response to nothing, then it will be equally arbitrary later, when supposedly it arises from events of the day.

Lord, let me have the faith required to choose no story whatsoever. Let me not concoct a drama about the day's events, but instead witness them with neutrality.

In every instance, let me simply ask what you would have me do, and set about responding without fanfare.

Today, Lord, let my inner life be placid. Let me not replay past events nor prefigure possible future events – incessantly turning them over in my mind.

Let me focus on what is real, here before me. Let me accept your will today.

(Letter 952)