Sunday, September 3, 2017

Dear God, you walk toward me as I walk toward you. I need but seek you and you are there to be found. I need but call you and you answer. Why then, should I ever feel apart from you? Yet the truth is, on many days my faith in you is false, my spirit a desert. I cannot find you on those days.

Lord, let me see you rightly. You are always there. When I feel alone, I feel victimized by desolation yet, even in such blank spots, you are present everywhere I might look. If I will only see you.

Lord, let me have eyes to see you. I so remember times when I felt alone. Today I feel near to you. Tomorrow, if bereft, I can feel the same as today. Let me feel how safe you make me. All is well, and you make it so.

Let me live this day as a gift, knowing it is not the only one you ever will bestow upon me.

(Letter #977)