Friday, September 8, 2017

Dear God, my supply feels depleted. Strength, goodwill, finances – all seems inadequate to the challenges that the day brings.

I am reminded of a friend I knew long ago. He was poor, old, dying. Yet he persisted in giving away his possessions. It was his spiritual practice. Whenever he felt selfish, sorry for himself, he would give away a significant portion of his holdings. In his poverty, he seemed, to me, a giant.

Lord, let me follow and learn from his example. I pity myself, and feel challenged. It is exactly at this point that you call me to demonstrate my faith in you.

Lord, let me be generous today, without thought of safety. Let me have faith in you, dependence upon you. Let me give myself over to you with abandon. Let me add energy and resources into the stream of life around me, secure in your love for me.

Let me do your will today. Let me not try to protect my corner, but instead to give.

(Letter #982)