Saturday, September 9, 2017

Dear God, I cannot know what you will deliver to me today. I awaken fearful of what may transpire. What will I face? What will be asked of me? These worries are termites, chewing through the foundations of my days. They bedevil me because I see wrongly.

I fear disturbance and calamity — yet you provide variety and bounty. I need but see it correctly.

I plan a placid day and you upend its course. I plan an activity and you thwart it. I plan leisure and you present me with new chores. I plan an expenditure and you withhold resources.

Lord, I see all these things as problems. As chaos. As trouble.

Let me see rightly. Let me view your gifts for what they are. You alter my plans, perhaps, to teach me. You deprive me in the physical realm, perhaps, to grow my strength. You take away resources, perhaps, to spur invention. You deliver challenges, perhaps, so I may overcome them as a beacon to my fellows.

Lord, let me properly see everything you offer as a gift. My very life is grace. Let me thank you at every juncture.

Thy will be done.

(Letter #983)