Monday, September 11, 2017

Dear God, even in the face of daily trials, how can I rejoice in you? Lord, regardless of what happens in my temporal life, whatever challenges I face today, now, let me look to you for guidance. Let me depend on you.

Instead, I too often await the future. I look to a day where my troubles will be eased. Tomorrow. Tomorrow’s tomorrow. Yet I live today and you have presented me with a gift, today, of love. Let me accept the present moment as your grace. I do not have to bear yesterday’s afflictions nor tomorrow’s woes. Today is entirely in my hands.

Today, let me bring a full measure of energy to all my tasks. Let me not coast idly but remember that this is the only day I will have. Tomorrow is a vapor so whatever relief I hope for in future is already fiction. Today is real, and here is where you call me to live. Let me live.

God, let me do your will. Today.

(Letter #985)