Thursday, September 14, 2017

Dear God, the more I believe, the more I feel how inadequate is my amount of faith. I can and ought to trust you more, and then yet more.

I fear a challenging day. Why? When have you ever abandoned me? Yet I anxiously don my armor, as if you have never supported me in the past.

I worry about financial security and my family’s well-being. Why? When have you ever delivered more than I can bear? Yet I furtively dart around, looking for acorns to hide for the winter, as if from this point forward all depended upon me.

Lord, you have lovingly set me down in a world of abundance, taken care of my every need – yet I see none of it. I fear depletion and hardship.

Please give me faith. Grant me humility to recognize your gifts when I see them, humility to accept that I am not the motive force in the world.

Let me approach the day with a calm enthusiasm to experience what will unfold. What gifts will you deliver to me today? What opportunities to help? To grow?

Let me leave my shriveled, selfish, lower self behind, shut away in my room. Let me walk as a higher being of light, as your offspring and agent. Maybe I will be the only person of faith that someone will meet today. Let me represent you well.

Thy will be done.

(Letter #988)