Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Dear God, I am so quick to see my life as filled with troubles. Small amounts of disarray are seen as chaos, brief periods of waiting for needed resources are seen as denial, honest criticisms from others are seen as failure. The story I tell myself is that I face trials and opposition, and that I must battle and endure to survive.

Lord, let me shrug off these attitudes like an old cloak. If I look honestly at the course of my life, none of these troubles has ever been as real nor as momentous as I feared and perceived. Disarray has become healing order, waiting has ended, criticisms forgotten and corrected.

Lord, let me dismiss these things I too easily see as calamity. Let me turn my attention to finding the willingness to seek and do your will.

Let me walk slowly, deliberately, joyfully through my day, untouched and cheerful. The mud of the world cannot touch me.

(Letter #994)