Sunday, October 15, 2017

Dear God, let me see all the treasure you have heaped around me. I walk through your palace, showered in beneficence, yet I see myself struggle with limitation.

My selfish, grasping core tells me it is not enough. Not enough praise, not enough notice, not enough security, not enough resources, not enough love. Like I am sullenly plodding along a dark pathway, grumbling that I must toil, when all around me is beauty if I will but raise my eyes to see.

Lord, let me become glad. Let me live the ecstasy of discovering I am already loved just as I am, I have enough just as I am. I am your child, chosen, as are my brothers and sisters all around me.

These piles of treasure I pick my way through are comprised of the love and wherewithal you deliver every day.

I have yet to ever lack what I need to fulfill the tasks you set me. Within me is always already everything I require. Let me see it.

(Letter #1019)