Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Dear God, let me direct my efforts outward toward others. Let me examine every situation in which I find myself, looking for ways to serve those around me.

Small waves of fear lap at me. I am frightened of what may happen, that I may not be adequate to the circumstances around me. As quickly as it comes, this feeling is replaced by resolve that I can and will master all challenges. Lord, let me recognize both of these poles as false extremes. I have no powers that allow me to conquer, nor are there any special forces arrayed against me.

You call me, instead, to be a simple servant.

Let me be a neutral steward, not concerned with trivial interactions but instead with enacting your will. A custodian. Let me see the things that you ask me to maintain, to repair, to clean up, to prune. Let me work quietly, even amidst chaos.

(Letter #1043)