Sunday, November 12, 2017

Dear God, I deserve none of these gifts. I merit no recognition. No reward is due me. All this relief, all this bounty, this peace – all bestowed by you as pure grace. You give; my duty is to receive with thanks.

I expend such effort seeking to achieve, or build toward some imagined future. This is true in all the realms of my life: work, family, community, even spiritual. Work and effort. All false – every accomplishment comes to me as a gift from you.

Lord, let me cease my self-deception. Let me feel the joy of being fully loved by you.

I need not seek to deserve anything. You love me, your child, even at my most hateful.

How, Lord, can I better have and express the gratitude your love and bounty impels? All my attempts are inadequate, yet you love me even in my ingratitude.

Let me feel you shine upon me today, and in some small way let me pass this to others.

(Letter #1047)