Friday, December 8, 2017

Dear God, dread creeps upon me, yet I cannot pinpoint its cause. I know the day’s tasks, I have sufficient resources. Yet still, a cloud of worry hovers. Even amidst my gratitude, there it is. Even as my faith in you persists, there it is.

Lord, I am tempted to ask for relief. But what if you yourself have delivered this worry, that I may better have empathy for others who have more reason to fear then do I?

Let me rise, standing erect, and walk purposefully through my day, irrespective of my feelings. Let me act, precisely as you would have me do.

Let my faith and trust in you grow, that I may improve my actions. Burn away all of my selfish and self-seeking intentions.

Thy will be done today. Let me seek and accept it.

(Letter #1073)