Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Dear God, there is a pile of undone tasks heaped all around me. They can easily overwhelm me, both in their current state but also once I begin action. I can easily devote all my time, energy, and attention to the doing of things. Where, then, resides my relationship with you?

Lord, let me place my relationship with you before all things, even those that feel urgent. Let them slip into the background. Live, O Lord, at the forefront of my attention. Let me place you centrally in all my thoughts and actions.

I panic as I begin to think of all there is to do. It paralyzes me. Lord, slow my thoughts, moderate my emotions. Let my heart beat become measured, ease my grip, unclench my jaw.

Here is a pile of tasks. Let me calmly choose one, and do it as an act of gratitude to you. Let me do things slowly, with purpose. Stay in my mind. Let me seek and do your will only.

(Letter #1084)