Saturday, January 6, 2018

Dear God, O my beneficent ruler! Take me by the hand and lead me where you would have me begin my work. I cannot know the tasks beforehand, nor the outcome, nor your purpose — let me simply act as guided.

I am powerless over all these things around me: these circumstances, these comings and goings of others, these moods that fall upon me like storms or drift by me like mists. These outcomes.

Let me feel this personally, not as fiction or concept but as fact. Let my powerlessness open the way to complete, utter surrender to your will. Abandon.

Let me, O Lord, approach this day without expectation, even without hope. Empty and waiting, willing to be led. Let me have total surrender and see this morning through eyes of wonder.

Where will you place me today, my dear Lord? Let me do your will in that spot.

(Letter #1102)