Saturday, January 13, 2018

Dear God, on this fresh morning I shine like a new penny. Your wind fills my sails and I am urged forward.

Let me give more today, for you provide without limit. Energy, time, love, wealth. Let me pour a better attitude into every circumstance I encounter.

You have sent me, your agent, to deliver love and good cheer. So what of my trials and worries? The hotelier does not complain to the guest; the lifeguard does not bid the drowning to wait.

Let me beam love into every cranny and crag, warmth into every heart, kindness into every relation.

You strengthen me. Let me view this strength as an obligation, for you have given it without my deserving. Let me be a steward of it, holding it in trust for others, bestowing it without judgment. Let me keep nothing back.

More. Let me give more.

(Letter #1109)