Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Dear God, slowly, drip by drip, you fill my reservoirs. Where would you have me pour my energies today? Where is the greatest need? Who has it? Let me look there. Let me bring the good news to that place. Let me tend to the wounds of the world, quietly, attentively.

I have my own worries and cares. Lord, let me see how small these are in comparison to the need with which I am presented. Let me fix my attention on that which calls for my care.

Lord, what would it mean for me to be an instrument of your will today? How would I behave, what would I say, where would I go? Let me do that, say that, go there. This one day is too important to spend on myself, I only have these few hours to enact your instructions.

My time to help grows short, the wounds that call for attention worsen, desperation creeps among my fellows.

All the while I pursue my own selfish aims. Let me set these aside and return to my duties. Let me gladly bring care and hope to the broken. For you have filled me, and will fill them. They need but know.

(Letter #1103)