Sunday, March 4, 2018

Dear God, bring me tribulation! Let me grow in my eagerness for difficulty. When I play a game, or recreate, my enjoyment consists in adding challenge to some easy task: I run, but on a twisted path. I lift, but a heavy weight. I throw and catch, but at a long distance. Games, all. The obstacles provide the enjoyment.

Lord, let me me view this day, these tasks, in similar fashion. Each difficulty a challenge to add to enjoyment.

Let me take infinite interest in the surmounting of these obstacles, in examining their nature, in appreciating the ingenuity and variety they reflect. O, where would be the joy in plodding through a series of dull days?

Let these hurdles come, let me leap with glee over each successive one, feeling the joy of running, jumping along a turning and stony trail, running through the alpine forest, across meadows and over streams.

Let me invite my fellows to join in this joyful foot race. What fun! Let me share it.

(Letter #1149)