Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Dear God, you have placed everything gently where it rests. Me, on this seat. All the objects around me. The people whom I meet, now as well as later. You provide support to all the world, make all arrangements, and so I cannot know: Am I placed here to help that friend? Or is another placed here to help me? I carry your message, and equally your message is carried back to me.

Lord, let me thus give and receive. Let me be a link in a chain, neither self-important nor lowly. Just one among many, in a system of your devising.

Let me not think too deeply, trying to penetrate the veil of misunderstanding in which I am cloaked. Even this garment, you have delivered and tailored to my figure.

Let me set about seeking and doing your will, in even the smallest thing, without overcomplication. Let me more humbly ask your will, without demanding an answer.

(Letter #1151)