Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Dear God, let me be a doer of your will, my Lord. I spend so much energy in seeking and trying to discern your guidance – let me give equal devotion to the doing. I am no simple hearer, nor speaker. I am the sum of my acts. Let my deeds today be ones that express your will.

I see myself as facing so many troubles, needing guidance. My prayers to you, Lord, consist in pleas for knowledge. I childishly imagine that, if only I knew more, knew the secret, my troubles would fall away. I fail to see, or ignore, the unwelcome nature of your guidance: it is a set of instructions.

Let me follow your orders, dear Lord. When you say, speak, let me open my mouth. When you say, give, let me act with charity. When you say, halt, let me bridle myself.

A doer of your work. Make me a doer.

(Letter #1152)