Friday, March 9, 2018

Dear God, let this life of moments be filled with devotion to your will. Let each moment, the one cascading upon the other, be guided. Let me move through these days in alignment with your will.

You call me not only to act as your loved child, but to think as him too. Let me, in each allotted moment, be aware of you underlying all. Let me repeat, over and over, returning to you, until my consciousness of you in each moment is second-nature.

I fail in this. I fail over and over. Each new moment is a chance to conquer this distracted mind. Let me take each one. Let me not float through this day, unaware. O what a tragedy to end my day, to retire, thinking I was my own motive force! I would therefore have slept through my waking hours. Today, let me awaken.

(Letter #1154)