Saturday, March 10, 2018

Dear God, Look! I have lit a small candle in the corner. An island of light in a dark sea. Here next to me, in the glow, is good feeling and human warmth. Joy.

Perhaps wanderers will see it and make their way to me. They may sit and even, in their entrance, disturb my solitude. Yet the candle burns and welcomes, yea, even trouble. This corner holds joy for all.

Lord, let me keep this space welcoming. Let all travelers find a spot to sit — let me not grumble nor sulk at the fellows whom your light, this candle, attracts.

I am the flame keeper, the steward of candles. The striker of matches. Let this small task be sufficient of itself, let me not embellish it with honoraria.

Let me, Lord, simply tend this candle and welcome those who are drawn to it.

(Letter #1155)