Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Dear God, I know the way you are leading. Yet I am so unwilling, all too often, to walk that path. What mulishness. Where am I trying to take myself? In truth I have no clear concept. Instead I manifest reluctance. No! my feet say. Or, worse, I distract myself and wonder.

Lord, your pathway laid before me is bright and obvious. I do not need secret signs nor eagle eyes to know the way. I see it. Each step well-illumined.

Let me, Lord, go that obvious way. There appear inviting distractions to each side of me, but they seem so only because they are distant or dimly lit. Upon inspection they are inferior and their pleasures are sure to turn to ashes in my mouth.

O! Let me walk this clear path. I stray only out of obstinacy. Let me march with obedience and learn of its joys.

(Letter #1159)