Saturday, April 7, 2018

Dear God, am I willing, Lord, to perish? Am I willing to give and give again shortly not. Yet, Lord, you say a seed must die for new growth to come. Let me not protect myself so.

I build walls and gates, I don armor, I take up arms. All to face the trials of the world. Facing such an enemy, I am sure, eventually, to succumb and die alone.

O! Let me cease fighting and walk naked into battle. Let me smile with love at one who holds the spear, leveled at me. Sunlight will shine upon me and warm us all, calm will descend. We will lay down arms.

Someone must yield first. Let me surrender, O Lord, to every enemy – for each was sent by you. The one who brandishes weapons against me is your child, as am I.

The battlefield appears as chaos, Lord, but only from my limited vantage. I, your lamb, am here for your reasons. Let me be the love you would spread. Let me yield before all, let the contagion spread as we love and love again, spark from fellow to fellow.

I surrender, Lord, I surrender.

(Letter #1183)