Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Dear God, send me where you would best use me. Grant me a discerning ear to hear your instructions. You guide me quietly, yet I produce so much noise in my willfulness and distracted thinking. How then, dear Lord, can I better hear you?

Quiet me. Erase my will, my plans, my worries, my fantasies. Leave behind a clear lake, smooth water, a pre-dawn silence in which one or two birds call sweetly. In this quietude, let me hear and notice your whispers.

I seek escape from disturbance, yet here by this lakeside I am the one who causes upset. I stomp around, I shift loudly, even my breath has such amplitude I can scarcely hear aught else. Lord, let me cease this constant movement.

Here in the early morning, it is easy to seek peace. Now is not when it is most required. Later today, when amidst noise and calamity, let me then seek quiet. Let me recognize that this lakeside is ever here and the waters will easily become still if I only stop churning.

And then I might hear. Let me follow your quiet voice today, Lord, let me listen and follow.

(Letter #1186)