Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Dear God, let me take joy in the limitations you impose upon me. I desire idleness and to be unrestrained. I would gladly drift through the day like a cloud in the breeze, dissipating, finally, with nothing to show nor any trace of my existence.

You, Lord, have sprung up within me and given my inner workings purpose. You structure my thought life, my actions, my days. You present me with obligation and challenge – and my reaction first is that of a sullen child. I resist. Yet inexorably you impose conditions that move me. I submit to your will and, once I do, your glories spring up around me.

When I act as you would have me do, when I clearly see the world around me, when I take up the discipline you offer – joy enters. I would not expect this and it yet surprises me.

Lord, let me remember: my chief satisfactions come when I seek to usefully do your will. When lazy, when I would shirk, when selfishly seeking only my own aims, let me remember this. Jar me into recollection.

Today, Lord, let me take up your yoke and sing with joy at the opportunity to labor in your fields.

(Letter #1187)