Thursday, April 12, 2018

Dear God, what do I have to offer you? So little. My shortcomings stand in the way of being an effective instrument: too selfish, too fearful, too idle. I see how far I have to go.

Yet you warm me nonetheless. Your tasks are never so difficult as I fear, and it seems that once I make the smallest beginning you smile.

Lord, could it be that all you seek from me is willingness? If that is so, my Lord, let me throw off my obstinate, mulish immobility. Let me take the first step in all tasks you call me to do. A halting, slow first step.

Let my footfalls toward you be demonstrations of my willingness. Let me walk despite my fears of how long the road may be. Who can know the duration of the journey you beckon me to take? It may indeed be momentary. You are simply asking me to try.

O Lord, I make of you such a stern figure, and yet you love me so sweetly. Let my eyes open to how unconditionally forgiving you are.

(Letter #1188)