Saturday, April 14, 2018

Dear God, my unruly mind desires to complicate what is simple. You speak to me and direct me in such clear ways. Yet I persist in imagining your will to be shrouded in mist, only dimly visible.

I wonder: What would you have me do, O Lord? I call out: What lesson do you teach me with this trial?

These questions are reflections of my prideful nature. I want the world to be a puzzle. This gives me an object toward which to direct my intellect and ego.

Yet the answers to my questions are simple and constant. I know your will, for you shout it into my secret heart. I know your lesson, for you teach it to me over and over, in ways alternately stern and gentle.

Your will: Spread love. Your lesson: Erase self.

What more, O Lord, do I need to know?

Let me, my sweet ruler, be the best servant and student that I can be.

Let me, my sweet Lord, spread love and efface my self as I do.

Thy will be done!

(Letter #1190)