Saturday, May 12, 2018

Dear God, I feel the wind on my face as I look out over the valley. You have brought me up here to be alone and closer to you. So many turns and switchbacks on the path to this place, so much of it through shadow and rain.

Today the sun shines down, and the wind rises to meet me. There are my fellows, in the distance, going about their days and days.

But look! My solitude was illusion. My neighbors have never left me, nor I them. Yet I feel the lonely wind.

Lord, you thrill me even amidst these routine days. This feeling of the heights, this quickened heart — these amount to a gift of energy. You supply power. Motive force. I do not plod through this day, I glide! I soar.

Lord, let me not feel aloof from the friends who mill about me. Let me hold out my hand to one, two, three of them. More. I walk gently among them and I spring from this society, but you have marked my spirit. You supply me.

Let me be no hoarder. Let me share your supply.

(Letter #1218)