Friday, July 6, 2018

Dear God, I am so flawed in my thinking, I cannot even fathom what I need. I look around me with a feeling of confusion in the face of all the calls to action that press in on me. I can scarcely keep track of all these duties. I am left, only, with a feeling of undone obligations and of a need for greater resources. My thinking races around a track that goes nowhere.

Oh, Lord, inhabit my mind, inhabit my body. Still my thoughts and slow my pounding heart.

Let my faith extend itself.

Let me cease with my lists and litanies of need. I am like a child asking for playthings – a sullen and indolent worker with a set of demands.

Let me look down at my hands and simply, quietly, without hesitation, set them to working on what is here immediately before me. Let me trust supply will be present exactly when and in the measure that the duties require. I will have what I need.

Let me not look further down the list at task after task, but do just what is right before me. Let me have confidence that the correct actions will present themselves. Let me listen and act.

(Letter #1273)