Saturday, July 7, 2018

Dear God, let me do works today. Let me not simply profess faith, but let me act. How am I to know the depths of my willingness, save by demonstrations?

Test me, Lord. Make me willing, even, to be placed in the vise and pressed until breaking. I believe myself to have prepared yet, Lord, how am I to know?

You know my breaking point, dear Lord. The steel in the bridge is not weary, its efforts routine. It carries car after car, truck after truck without complaint.

Lord, the burdens you deliver to me are routine and yet, in my willfulness I resist. Each load is negligible and together they add up to great deeds — yet I see them wrongly: as trial and woe.

Lord, let me see rightly. Let me be glad of heart. These burdens are tiny, beneath notice.

Let me be willing today. Let my deeds speak of your way of life.

(Letter #1274)