Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Dear God, my nature is to desire the spotlight, to be praised. You call me to set aside these desires, to instead to try to be helpful to others, not to seek notice. This is such a discipline, Lord. I fail at this task many times, moment to moment: I spread my own fame, I preen and try to present the best possible image, I act in the hopes of gaining status.

Lord, correct my intent, for it is on that level that I fall short. My actions may well be noble, but if I pursue good works just so I may become known for them, I am no less selfish than any other egoist.

Lord, Lord, let me have better intentions. When I help another, let it be in secret. Let my practice this day be one of anonymity.

Anonymity is spiritual, for it denies me the avenue of self-aggrandizement.

Lord, let me be your faceless and nameless worker today. Let me be the one who no one notices.

(Letter #1278)