Friday, July 13, 2018

Dear God, let me abandon myself to you. I am so timid, protective of my supposed well-being. This hard shell under which I crouch is what stands in the way of my truly being your instrument. I lock myself away in a safe where I am untouched, yet useless.

Let me stand, raise my head above my trench, and call across the battlefield words of love to the forces arrayed against me. Let me recognize that they are no army but just a group of children like me.

O! This safety I seek is a prison. Let me break free. Let me beckon my fellows to join me. The danger I fear in escape is a mirage, shadows projected on the wall.

Lord, let me feel the solid ground underfoot. That is your gift – universal support. Those whom I believe to be my enemies, those whom I believe to be my jailers, those whom I believe to be my friends, yea, even my family – we all stand on the same ground.

(Letter #1280)