Saturday, July 14, 2018

Dear God, let me look throughout this day for all the ways you guide and protect me. That turning where I might have gone astray. That footfall I might otherwise have placed poorly. That moment I held my tongue.

Your protection so often consists of turning my actions away from my own impulses. Saving me from myself.

Such an unruly spirit, I sow chaos unless restrained. Hold me down, soothe my trembling limbs as they press against you, let my breath slow. Release me gently when I can again move with purpose.

Lord, my mind darts here and there like a minnow. Let me become slow. Let me arrive last at all my destinations, allowing your will to unfold slowly across the day. Let my steps, my breath, my thoughts become measured.

Let others run. I will walk. Hold my hand, Lord, and walk with me. Let me feel your steady presence.

(Letter #1281)