Thursday, August 2, 2018

Dear God, grant me a clear view. I look at the events around me, the actions and words of my fellows, and fail to see underneath the surface. I refuse to look quickly enough for my part in conflict, I forget to gaze with compassion on my fellows, I overlook your love and will behind all things.

Lord, open my eyes and my heart. Grant me courage to act upon what I see. To do your will fills me with fear. So often, the clear action you call me to take is the one I wish to avoid: a painful sacrifice, a difficult conversation, a frustrating lesson of self-forgetting.

Lord, make me willing in the face of my worries and fears. The pain in my life grows out of my reluctance to surrender to your will.

I struggle so. I am a drowning man, panicked and pushing away the rescuer. Daily I swim against the tides. Let me stop straining against the current, Lord. Pull me gently to shore – let me become willing to be rescued.

Thy will be done. Let me believe what I pray.

(Letter #1300)