Friday, August 3, 2018

Dear God, the road from here to where you would have me be is long. I am so far from the examples you place before my eyes. I see so many who are giving of their time and energy, who hold themselves as true servants on this earth. I long to be as you would have me be, yet inwardly I plot how to advance my position, I scheme ways to find myself idle, I arrange events to suit myself above all.

Seeing how large is the gap between whom you call me to be, and who I am, I am crestfallen.

But lo! There is a road from me to you, laid out at my feet. Let me step along it, Lord, let me walk your way. Each day I forget this walkway; each day I must bring myself to it anew.

I seek you, dear Lord, as if youbare hidden. But the way is clear. I need not walk blindly nor fear traveling in darkness. If I step toward you, you will come to me. I have felt it – and will again. You will take my hand and gently pull me.

The blind do not see the distance to be traveled, yet they walk nonetheless. Let me have such faith, Lord. Let me not cast myself to the ground in defeat.

Let me walk toward you.

(Letter #1301)