Saturday, August 4, 2018

Dear God, let me stretch out my hand to others. Let me walk as a friend among my fellows who suffer, who endure their darkest days.

You have revealed to me the good news that all is well. We already have all we need. All that is removed from me, all that I desire and do not have, all that I lack — trivia. If you have already granted me wholeness, then these things for which I pine are not needed. Let me seek only what is needful.

Let me share, O Lord. Let me bring this news into every corner. Where my fellows shiver, let me pass along your warmth. Where they ache, let me carry your balm. Where they struggle, let me carry some part of their load.

Let me seek no notice. Let me pass along your aid such that all who receive it wonder at the mystery of its source. Let me gladly be invisible, your light shining through.

Rather than shout, let me whisper: all is well, my friends. All is well.

(Letter #1302)