Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Dear God, let me rely upon you entirely. I fall so far short in this.

I ask for what I want to be delivered to me; for what I do not want to be taken. I should instead accept all, pleasure and discomfort equally, as your will for me.

Equally wrong: I hoard. I withhold my energy and effort, I pace myself. This limits my ability to spread your love, and beyond that, it is disloyal. It implies doubt that you will supply my needs as they come.

Lord, let me abandon myself to you fully. Take away these misgivings, make me willing to quit relying on half measures. Let my footsteps be firm. Let me throw open my gates, drain my coffers to help those around me. You will fill them again later.

Lord, let me live a life that is truly vulnerable.

(Letter #1306)